A Note To My Followers <3

caraWelcome to Freedom from Fixation!

do you know that mind blowing realization that we all felt when we realized what we were dealing with ? a Narcissist? the AHA moment?

now – understand that the increase in Narcissists has become so much that we can no longer call it a disorder because well, then the majority of humans would be disordered? So psychology erases it before our eyes?

Don’t be so surprised, as this has happened throughout history. When Psychology labels time stamped social behavior as normal – those behaviors that are abnormal become mental disorders or illnesses. Think of how many women were imprisoned in psych wards because they did not behave as their husbands wanted them to, or as they were expected.

The sad truth is narcissists are becoming the new standard human. It doesn’t mean we have to accept this – it simply means we need to open our minds. Open our minds to every situation and realize that when something does not feel right, if we are fixated onto it .. that we are fixated because we know it is a magic trick. We are fixated until it makes sense. However I urge you to fixate harder .. fixate harder to see the truth. Reality. From each side. From our side, from a “normal” persons side, from a “narcissists” side. Realize we are all normal. See the reality – and then do something about it.