30 Days No Contact Challenge

Ugh. I have a massive headache but I want to get this out of my head and onto some “paper”. It’s been an insane month. I have been grappling with a bunch of issues. My various addictions and my PTSD symptoms stemming from the Narc abuse (talk about those later)

I was 7 days NC – T decided to text me today. She’s already on relationship #2 since the discard 5 months ago (haha). I was dumb and texted back. The conversations always start out friendly, familiar. By the end she becomes short and begins to treat me as if I was beneath her. I am sick of it. At first I found it amusing to talk to her because I was curious and found it silly how predictable her responses were (It was fun for me to use narc translation) however, I am bored of it by now and its repetitive. I am sure I was holding onto some false hope there too.



I want to announce that I am going 30 days No Contact. I would never let myself commit to NC because I was afraid to let go. I am no longer afraid to let go of something that doesn’t try to hold on. This time I am serious. I am counting on everyone here to hold me accountable! Any inspiring thoughts/words are welcome and appreciated!

For the next 30 days I want to mainly focus on positive thoughts/healing rather than think of the abuse and try to make sense of it. I will get back to that because I think its important for me to continue to admit what the relationship was, to identify all the red flags and bring them to light (for me and all victims/potential victims) but it’s time I really focus on the good and who I am and who I am becoming.

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8 thoughts on “30 Days No Contact Challenge”

  1. Good for you for doing No Contact! I have no inspiring words really, I’m afraid, except to say that I am struggling with it myself, but this time I am trying to go all in. I have two blocking apps on my phone and I think they work very well, especially in combination with each other, I like them that way for maximum functions. I think I paid perhaps 7 – 8 dollars, (for both, in total), to get premium versions. They’re called “Extreme call blocker” and “Clean Inbox -SMS blocker”. Just a little friendly tip for you. 🙂 It does help immensely not to have to see all the BS texts on my phone, from the narcissist.
    Good luck and be well! 💜

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      1. Ah, I see. Perhaps you could use the function “block unknown numbers” if IPhone has it.. (I don’t know, I have Samsung 🙂 ) Otherwise most blocking apps should have that function. But I understand that would be annoying cause you might miss important calls..
        Good luck anyway, it is a great goal with 30 days, I will follow you and am rooting for you to make it.


    1. I’m alive. the girl I was seeing (was there the night I kicked my narc out) turns out to be BPD. I did notice red flags similar to a narc but she did say it was her fault for one of her relationships ending so i knew she couldn’t be cause a narc would never say that.. I excused a lot of behavior as being 23 years old (I’m 28). however last weekend the remaining traits surfaced and it was clear. Luckily even though things were going on I only had to experience real crazy for 1 month before I said please leave. I know I would have not understood and probably given in to stuff if I didn’t call her out on the red flag behaviors because by doing this so early on she has no choice but to start using manipulating tactics that only a brain that’s been pre-wired would accept.


      1. People sometimes view being a victim of narc abuse as a terrible thing. I like to think of it as a blessing because without that experience we would never be as strong as we are now. This is a perfect example! Without this knowledge u would be in another bad situation and u now are stronger then that. Good for you!


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