Is there not more we can do? Call to Action

Drowning i feel like. Everyone around me is manipulating me. I have no defenses. Where did they go? I cannot even go into an inpatient care facility… because it is crazy people who are making me crazy. There is no safe place. except here with you…but its not enough to rise out. is there not something more we can do? action we can take? build this community and validate victims help them immediately to recognize manipulation. I did not realize it was this rampant.

give me excitement, give me hope I am begging you.

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Opening My Mind to Different Sides

2 thoughts on “Is there not more we can do? Call to Action”

  1. I feel the pain in this post. I do not know what hope I can give, except to say that I have found a lot of support and friendship here in the blogging community. I hope you do too!
    Take care and know that you are heard here on your blog, and by me and I am sure many others here, your experiences are accepted without questioning or judging. 💜

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