Revenge on a Narcissist – Another Option

Many survivors want revenge (rightfully so) on their narcissist. We are told the best revenge against a Narcissist is no contact. This is of course, the logical option given to us from the untouched. However, their opinion on the matter is of little weight because they are virtually clueless. Any other type of revenge will compromise our character; end up with us hurt and/or a lawsuit. No contact is recommended from survivors who have successfully healed. Even Narcissists suggest it is the best revenge. Of course a Narcissist would suggest this!

Yes, it may piss them off but they cut their losses fairly quickly and move on to other victims while we have to deal with their endless hoovers in between. They return to their thrown to sit high on their tower, overlooking the endless selection of untouched, narrowing in our kind; the empathetic, the vulnerable, those who believe in fairytales. We shine a shade that is unlike the other untouched. You can imagine the narcissist’s expressionless face, poised and in control despite a distant, endless pulsing torment somewhere deep inside. Their eyes squinting in a devilish grin, lips curving in pleasure once they set sight on a particular light. That light which makes us what human in a way they cannot be. We do not notice how much they truly need our light as they put all effort in to maintain an adequate supply. Do not be fooled. They crave it in the most animalistic way. They require it as we required food and water.

Imagine a desert where an oasis is visible everywhere you turn. Does the thought of the rising sun cause you anxiety? No, it delights you with the prospect of basking in the rays, dipping into cool water. A cab driver suddenly appears and offers you a ride to the forest; he warns you that the sun will destroy you, and you will destroy every oasis you touch that others may need on their passage if you choose to stay. You tell him you do not need anyone tell you what to do and that you need it more than them. You deserve it. You are able to subdue the thought of the threat it poses each morning you wake. If an oasis dries, you move towards the horizon – where you know there are many waiting, perhaps more amazing than any you have come across. Now imagine the pools all around you shrinking, not just one. No longer can you enjoy submerging your body into cool water. You are forced to splash it on your body. It evaporates quickly; you feel the burn of the sun on your skin. it’s unsettling. You continue towards the horizon each day, then backtrack to familiar locations… but begin to feel the panic as the pools continue to shrink. You are wide-awake at night, afraid to close your eyes. Afraid it will all disappear, but you succumb to sleep. Today you must dig for water even to drink. You sweat, you burn you crack. Your throat is dry, you attempt to swallow but cannot produce any saliva. You know tomorrow’s sun will do you in. The cab driver reappears. He asks, “now that there is no oasis left, what will you do?” You reply, please give me what I need. The cab driver shakes his head. “I will give you what you need, but you will need to work for it like the rest of us”. He holds a glass of water, refusing to supply you otherwise. With no option, you do what you must to survive. Be a decent human being in society.

It does seem cruel to only provide water, as a reward doesn’t it? Do you think I am wrong for reducing a narcissist to its animalistic core by suggesting we take away its life source and use it as a means of positive reinforcement? Especially when lack of it was what caused the manifestation, created the narcissist? You can have your opinion. However it is my belief that this serves two purposes. First, the narcissist can longer use victims. This is the smug revenge survivor’s want. Some ignorant people may feed the animal when they aren’t supposed to. However if a narcissist wants a good source they will change their behavior to obtain it. Once their behavior becomes habit, we can hope it becomes modified. In doing so, they have a chance to live a fulfilling life. Even if they only give love in the form of modified behavior, they will be able to receive the true, unconditional love they desire. It will calm the chaos of destruction they cause for individuals and society.


So, how do we dry up every oasis and seek our revenge?

  1. Invisibility Cloak for our Beacon
  2. Enlighten Psychologists
  3. Educate the Untouched


…Coming Soon…

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