Transcend Reality & Get A New Lens of Perception Part #1

While critical to human survival, the existence of perception comes at the expense of reality for who fall prey to Narcissistic Abuse. Once reality is lost our perception is void and as such the threat to our survival is immediate and terrifying.

The unbearable shock that all of these years our most deeply held ideas and beliefs about ourselves, others and the world are not true.  An undeniable soul shattering realization that the collective experiences of our entire existence is somehow flawed in interpreting what is and is not a critical threat to our survival.  We are left unable to judge or know what is true anymore or if we ever did. As a result, we lose our defenses. At least when we thought we thought we had defenses we were on the offense, deterring attack with a display of confidence and aggression. Whatever show we can put on that they exist we do, praying no one takes notice. Our interactions only serve to expose our vulnerable state. We begin to isolate, the threat of survival becoming so overwhelming we are in an almost constant paranoid and anxious state.

It is in this darkness each victims suffers in ways only those who have experienced it can empathize with. It is from this darkness we transcend with an external awareness of one truth that is greater than the totality of our life experiences and the suffering we experienced as a result of our shattering loss of reality. We never lost it. Reality exists irrespective of whether its perceived or not, it is how things really are rather than how we understand it through sensory experience. Perception creates our experience of the world and how we respond in it. Reality can only be viewed by an individual through the lens of perception.

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