Preparing for The Journey

I haven’t had much sleep between work and my masters and packing. Plans are mostly set 🙂

So, i will be leaving straight from work Friday and will arrive 7:30am on Saturday. Staying with Chris. Meeting Scott (Pizzo) on Monday. Some point on Thursday I will make my way to Amsterdam and Stay with Sunny 🙂 I adore my European friends. They are some of the most genuine, caring and friendly people I have ever met. I feel like they get me and I get them on a connection that I i don’t get with most people in the states. It could be that we are gamers though – luckily not the same horrible gamer generation that exists today. It was much more innocent and fun. Sure we had flame wars and typical gamer hormones but it was not to seriously hurt people. The sexist shit and slutty females were no where near as many. Guys generally respected the female gamers more because there were so few of us. In fact, the dudes that pretended to be girls were much more promiscuous haha.

I’ve known them for 10 years – probably spent anywhere from 2-4 years almost everyday with them actually in this virtual world. You get pretty close. You go to war together, you grind for hours together .. so there is nothing but time to chat. You needed each other to plan and not get your ass kicked.

So, brief intro

Sunny – was a cleric “healer”. Basically they are a support role and keep other players alive and provide “buffs” which make the characters stronger, faster, ect. They die easy, don’t get to kill other players but you don’t stand a chance without one. Sunny was the sweetest cleric in game. Always buffing and nothing mean to say. Everyone knew and adored Sunny.. cause she’s awesome 🙂

Pizzo – was a scout and came to be one of my really good friends. A troll for sure haha but gotta give his infamous name some respect. Hated by many.. and hated by many in game. Was always funny to watch the shit he started. Now he’s off being a magician.

Chris – a knight. He was a really nice boy and super cute back in the day. I had the biggest crush on him.  Just recently I found out the fucker is much younger than I thought. I was like 17-18 and he told me he was 16 at the time.. little shit was 14. I had sent him a photo a 14 year old should not be receiving lol. I honestly value and appreciate him beyond words, for being there for me in my darkest times. For listening to my rants and making me sane or cheering me up.. half the time i don’t think he knew wtf i was talking about.. but he never judged me. Probably because he’s odd and doesn’t know what i was talking about was off the wall to most people here.  Always there when I needed someone to listen…I don’t know what I would have done without him, I really don’t. ❤  My British Lover..

Last night i was putting outfits together at my sisters – taking pictures so I remembered what went with what and can pack efficiently. The less i have to the better.

When i woke up, My lovely guide on the first stop was giving me a free pre tour.. seriously the best tour of europe i have had so far and i was there for a month many years ago xD

I will be video documenting all of us meeting and the awesome times.. plus some funny shit planned 🙂






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