Preparing for The Journey

The Start of Letting Go

Fixated To Free

I haven’t had much sleep between work and my masters and packing. Plans are mostly set 🙂

So, i will be leaving straight from work Friday and will arrive 7:30am on Saturday. Staying with Chris. Meeting Scott (Pizzo) on Monday. Some point on Thursday I will make my way to Amsterdam and Stay with Sunny 🙂 I adore my European friends. They are some of the most genuine, caring and friendly people I have ever met. I feel like they get me and I get them on a connection that I i don’t get with most people in the states. It could be that we are gamers though – luckily not the same horrible gamer generation that exists today. It was much more innocent and fun. Sure we had flame wars and typical gamer hormones but it was not to seriously hurt people. The sexist shit and slutty females were no…

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