Moment of Reckoning

img_6834I have been waiting. I’ve learned to be patient. I knew it could take time. I knew not to warn the new supply. I knew to hang around, I knew i’d be mentioned. Why? because I am everything she cannot have, she lost.. she cannot be.

Finally, a year and 2 months and an ex steps up. J. the message made my heart fill with warm blood. Lighting me up, letting me down. I sighed, this woman .. lasted a couple months. However i could tell by her pictures…she was a real person. Her message expressed confusion, hurt … anger. Why? What is wrong with her?!

NPD, J. shes sick.and we traded stories.. lies….deceit, betrayal … bullshit. Narcs have the type of exes you can’t hate.. because we really are no one special…she is me and I am her and we are the others. So we must find each other   and piece ourselves back together.





Jenna (T apparently had cancer for the 5th time lmao) shared these :




6 years… i am no different than someone of 3 weeks. I know this…but 6 years?  A month prior to that ^^ fed me the same bs .. she feeds all of us.

Who are you? I don’t know that. You are nothing, as much as we are nothing to you. Do you know we are different? Do you know I am different? 6 years… 6 years of everything…the discard, your hoovers… and you still slander me, you lie to me? Fuck you, you are nobody. An empty human void of a self. Collapsed..what are you like inside? a bug? no brain? no heart? a body? Oh lord, you are utterly disgusting haha… I saw how desperate you are. But this, this is sad. It must be true, without us you cannot breath… we are your oxygen.. make no mistake though.. at some point we will asphyxiate you.

We plan to meet up, on your birthday. GO to your favorite places. Maybe slander you, laugh and talk shit. BFFs.


where do we go from here?

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