Fairy tales breed weak girls 

Come before the clock strikes midnight 

Walk the path quietly, and I swear I’ll never say you left 

You open the door in relief 

it was just a bad dream my darling and 

your mask is hanging right in the closet 

fine white silk and the prettiest feather.

We both know only my love could stitch it back together 

I can you see you smiling and whispering you’ll wear it forever .. forever..  

and I wake to memories that keep me cold they slow time letting me ignore the ache of empty space but I know it can’t preserve my heart forever. I hear your voice tell me

“baby, u and me were meant to always be together” 

it makes me hold tight to our love song 

and I try to remain strong but so much of us has gone and the longer you take, my love 

the more they fade and melt away as pieces of my soul begin to break apart 

I can feel the burn and the 

heat of the flames causes me think maybe I’m going insane. This creeping darkness lingers as anxiety and panic sets in And flows into me from the world outside 

to my mouth and my nose transported and converted absorbed as a feeling I’ve never felt before and as Long as it took to become composed in that same moment 

it was already too late because 

 in that second I knew it was intense dread replacing my blood from my head in my veins and I Can’t fight gravity

As it flows down to My right ventricle and it bleeds in and out 

i scream begging to rest from the crippling pain in my chest radiating to my arms and my legs I begin to shake at the same time trying to catch my breath

The only thing that keeps me alive is denying death so i breathe as deep as I can inhaling sheer fear which once in my lungs i knew I made a mistake for being a fool pretending im god as though I could change fate and The thick smoke makes me choke in regret I know it’s my own fault 

I cough and tears burn my skin as they fall from my face with each drop it stings my ego and repeats the worthlessness and hurt I’ve bottled through the years caused by your words and how my own self esteem was so low I kept it hidden and refused to protect myself from u stealing my being until nothing was left. 

now it’s clear why I guard my life 

Cause I wont ever be a participant again 

 in my own death.

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Opening My Mind to Different Sides

One thought on “Fairy tales breed weak girls ”

  1. Amazing how the same story is told by so many of us in different ways. This made my heart glad that you are done. So am I! We must keep telling others do they will have courage to free themselves, too. Beautiful writing.

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