What do I do? what do I do…

With two years of thinking my own thoughts?

among people who cannot think, who refuse to think, who prefer to not think.
who claim they think, who demand they think, who think they think.
In a society which claims overthinking is bad, I do not think they know what it is like to truly think.

Just like there are red flags in a toxic/abusive relationship. There are red flags in toxic thought. Things we cannot see. Even our own brain cannot detect, its like our logic has been hijacked. Sometimes it needs an awakening. Sometimes this looks crazy. Even more crazy than emotional, toxic relationships.

This is more toxic, because it can trick entire societies. It can cause a collapse. It is pervasive and insidious. Toxic logic. Block brains. Perception and expectation mind tricks.

I have often contemplated what to do with this knowledge I have. Do I use it for good..when most are not deserving of it? How do I do it? Do I use it for self gain? Do I try my best to ignore it and carry on?

If i told you there were specific red flags to toxic logic, could you break free? Would you believe me? Would you see?

There is more than just those common fallacies…

Would you think if you could? Would you save a nation? Would you stop breeding hatred?

Would you open hope?

If I showed you how to unlock your mind and think..would you shut the door?

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Opening My Mind to Different Sides

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