No longer true 

Not because word is not relevant but True is nature 

Words lack truth 

Words don’t mean the same 

when words lack ( love ) emotion. That force that causes us to fall that is not gravity but works by human nature … (mysterious) we don’t care what eachother are saying. 

We have no words to convey This. we cannot even be individual persons. words become meaningless save for holding into language like a computer error screaming entangled inescapable mess. 

intuition. 👌🏻 -> must be logical answe. Can’t see it tho.. Higher consciousness. 


woah. Broke free. stuck on words. Equality. Then free education ? lol, standard ! 

Words words words. Word salad. word meanings .. word definitions. meaning.  

change it. Make it logical – stop. logical ? Yep. Little uncomfortable but let’s Try it out. 


definitions. Limitations. In thought – not emotion. emotions blocked, stuck. can’t get outside. predictable. unmoving. 

See it ? higher consciousness to define it. believe it. 

cause it’s true. 

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Opening My Mind to Different Sides

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