ExChanging Names

(Press Start Game)

It’s just for the night
Jim beam got me feeling alright
lucky, I wanna get fucked tonight
Cause the Sound of your laugh
Got my spirit light
So pour me another.
And I’m yours- just
Let me feel the burn, need the pain
need to feel the passion in this flame
tell me it’s only a game, i’ll pour this love
down the drain in the morning on the way Out the door, this was just a getaway
summer love is too hot for me these days
Days turn to months and that’s too much
For a heart your gonna break
But I’m warm in your fire, you turn it up
Push the limits, what can I take?
Don’t know Where boundaries go
My, how quick the beast escapes ..

…calm easy breeze feeling free finally
I can just be me for a moment
physically, inhibitions jumping bodies
must have Lost my mind in yours eyes
feel the breathe of your lips
Skin on my finger tips
pour me just one more
I wanna feel it burn
Down the drain
slow, I need the pain
don’t know why
I love to lose this way
It’s always ends just the same
Waited for a whisper,”baby, just stay” .
choices are in words we never say
Guess you didn’t want it enough
We both know It would just be best
If I Left the way I came.
a few day later ..
what was your name ? …
Cause Memories of you fade
There’s no more tokens
when you end it , It’s game over
So I’m Shifting all my focus
to a Toy who wants to play
And I smile like the Devil
cause it’s the same shit, different day.
kick the dust, batter up
Hey gorgeous, what’s your name ?

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Opening My Mind to Different Sides

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