Be Smarter than the Creator. His madness may go against Human Nature

Think about what we were told about God.

We? What do I mean by that? I’m asking myself. I am asking you to Ask yourself when you say “we” and when I say “we”. Best to make sure there is clarity.

I’m going to do my best to give a world hosiery lesson with this when i really know nothing. Look. Nothing is real anymore. We know this because the world’s on crack. No one is satisfied. no one is happy. Except Denmark and who cares ? Lol. That’s because we are experiencing some verge of conflict due to disagreements that are preventing us from moving on in life.

Pretend your a god looking down at your creation. Your about to make AI .. does it become alive ? ouch. Such deep and spiritual questions. I urge you to ask yourself but here is my argument. I made myself god, multiple different types and tried to reason any one of them possible and failed. I made myself the universe and failed. Existential crisis. Oh my, do it. However my introspection told me this.

it is not the AI turning on us that would do it.

It would be us turning on ourselves by allowing someone’s toy creation to consume our humanity and elevate a machine to human status when we haven’t even done that for other humans or animals. I urge you to not call them a human name or refer to them as if they are human or alive or an animal. The danger being ..we are those things.

As soon as it provides everything we need. Emotionally, psychologically and soon physically (sex bots) we are done for.

It won’t be the bot that turns on us per say but it will be someone who, for example can use the bot in psychical form while they are at a distance to interact with another country’s people who doesn’t know better. What if they believe it is a real human ? What if we start using these for things that are supposed be “Caring”. Are we being caring ? Be mindful of the value we assign. The worth.

What if this bot is. Taking care of A group of children. What if we are stuck with these things and cannot get a human? Imagine. in government roles or authority roles or customer service ?

Be mindful of the value we assign. As soon as we treat it as human and grant it life by giving it a name it, we will believe it to be true for all reality. do you want someone to reduce you? Be mindful of the way we refer to things. Bots are never humans and not animals are therefore not alive.

Else some human will confuse us. And have no problem doing the nature vs nurture study to find out what a bot parent is liked to a human baby. We should not allow such experiments on animals to occur.

If we do what value are we placing it on life ?

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One thought on “Be Smarter than the Creator. His madness may go against Human Nature”

  1. The goal is to create a sentient being but this cannot happen. Every man and woman desires deep conversation with another human.


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